For some reason, I hardly ever sew winter dresses. Well, there is a reason - the fact that I live in a hot place seriously affects my wardrobe and sewing plans. This year I finally got a chance to wear some cozy and warm clothes during the holidays.
Jersey dresses are incredibly versatile and universal. Made with solid colours, they can be perfect for any occasion, from work to party. And if you’re lucky enough to find a good fitting pattern--it’ll be a very quick and easy make too!
I adore jersey as part of my winter wardrobe. Before I started sewing I always had a few grey or floral dresses for the coldest months of the year. I didn’t get a chance to sew much winter wardrobe after my relocation to the south, but this year was all different. A warm jersey dress sounded like a perfect holiday companion! As soon as I realized this, it was all about picking the right pattern and fabric. 
I wanted something close-fitting in the bodice and voluminous in the sleeves and skirt. Sounds quite easy, but not if you want to skip gathered skirts. In the end, I was choosing between Vogue V1558 and Burda 6562. I really liked Vogue for beautiful sleeves, flattering gathers, and a nice skirt, but I was a bit confused with the instructions that required a zipper. That definitely wasn’t something I wanted! I’d assume it can be explained by the really tight neckline, which is another thing I didn’t want to face. So my choice was quite obvious--to pick the Burda pattern and hack the sleeves. 
I didn’t follow the pattern recommendations and used the smallest size which gave me that perfect jersey close-fitting look. The only thing that wasn’t as nice as I’d wish it to be, is the back. I’d prefer it to be a bit more close-fitting, but it isn’t a huge deal and I didn’t alter the pattern. The instructions are surprisingly clear and it wasn’t difficult to follow them at all. I did change the sleeves a bit but dividing my sleeve pattern, cutting it and spreading the parts by 2 inches. Seeing the final result I think I had to spread them a bit more, but then I’d get too much bulkiness in the sleeve cuffs. Speaking of cuffs, I was thinking of cutting them out of the fabric but ommited that idea for a much quicker elasticated method. 
Another important detail about this pattern - it has dropped down shoulders. It’s not a mistake or bad fitting, it’s just the way this design is. You might not find this pattern flattering if you don’t like this feature (and aren't excited about pattern alterations).
My fabric of choice was an absolutely gorgeous premium quality Cotton Spandex Jersey. Originally I was thinking of using something floral with a dark background. Then I was considering John Kaldor Isabella Wool Jersey, but since I needed 3 whole meters of it, it’d get a bit too pricey. My final choice was a gorgeous premium quality cotton spandex jersey and I’m so happy I picked it. The fabric is truly premium, it’s amazingly cozy and thick. Perfect choice for winter wear! I used my regular sewing machine to sew it and it wasn’t a problem at all to both sew and finish my seams with it. 
As for other little details, I used ballpoint needles and pins, which is an absolute must when you work with this type of jersey. I used clear elastic to stabilize my neckline, waist and shoulder seams and it was a bit of a struggle since you definitely need some practice to get used to working with it.
I’m really happy with my project and it was amazing to find time to finish it just before my holiday. I’m generally a slow seamstress but this pattern is too easy to take weeks to work on. There are still 2 cold months to face and if you’re looking for your perfect cozy jersey - pick premium quality cotton spandex jersey from Minerva Crafts!