Hi guys!

Sarah from Wanderstitch here, back on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network with a lovely autumnal make :)

Following on from last month's Hinterland Dress, this month's make also uses another new-to-me pattern company - Lily Sage and Co. They have a small range of patterns, available to purchase through Etsy as pdfs.

I'd seen several versions of the Wonderland Skirt kicking about on Instagram, and something about the silhouette really caught my eye and I couldn't get it out of my head. Gathers are a bit of a minefield for me though - it's not very often I can successfully wear them without looking frumpy - so I was a bit hesitant... 

I had to be careful not to pick a fabric that would be too heavy for the gathers - I considered denim and corduroy but was still worried that they might be too thick. I played it safe and in the end went with a burgundy Wool Suiting Fabric which worked perfectly! And in hindsight, both denim and corduroy would have been fine.

The skirt closes with an invisible zip at the centre back, and you have options for the front yoke - there are templates for pockets, and you could definitely go crazy with a bit of colour blocking here. I opted for the plain front yoke, but I might go crazy with the next version!

Although I measured and chose my sizing according to the pattern instructions (and graded between sizes for my larger hips) the waist has still turned out a little big. I'd prefer it to sit on the very narrowest part of my waist, a couple of inches higher than where it currently falls. I'd also prefer a slightly thicker waistband, and for it to be a curved template rather than a straight one so that I get a better fit. This is a change that I will probably make for the next one (oh yes, there will be a next one!)

The pattern as written leaves the skirt unlined, but there's a tutorial on the Lily Sage website for lining the upper portion of the skirt. As the wool is a light-to-medium weight fabric (but not at all see through - this was purely for personal preference) and I wanted to wear this skirt in the winter, I decided to have a stab at the lining. I'm always cold so the more clothing layers I can get, the better! The tutorial is easy to follow, despite the fact that it's all words and no pictures. I'd make one change for the next time though - you're instructed to baste the lining pieces to the outer fabrics, and sew them as one double-layered piece, but I found this gave me weird ripples on the back radiating from the zip. Next time I'll sew the layers separately I think.

It's also worth nothing that if you do decide to line the skirt following the method on the blog post, you'll still be left with an exposed seam where the gathers join the yoke.

Overall I'm actually really pleased with the skirt and how it looks on me - despite my reservations about the gathers - and it goes beautifully with my checked shirt (which sadly, I didn't make). It's the perfect autumn skirt to wear with thick tights, chunky boots and a nice cosy sweater. The pattern will definitely be a keeper, and next time I think I'll brave the corduroy!

See you next month,

Sarah // Wanderstitch