Hello there!  With the beginning of a new year I’m usually drawn to similar themes each January, organizing and bringing fresh scents in the home.  I’m combining these themes together today with a couple of fun crafts, making air diffusers and planner clips.

I was inspired with the lovely offerings of wool from the Minerva site, to bring in these textural elements in today’s tutorial.  

I love bringing textual objects in to the home.  As I shared in this post, I love working with wool.  It is such a lovely, natural fiber to enjoy for many reasons.  I have enjoyed knitting, spinning, crocheting and sewing with wool.  Today’s project is a fun way to bring wool into a paper planner or as a decorative element to your home (or vehicle).

I have a small planner (a mini binder) that I enjoy using to organize my sewing plans (and other tasks).  I thought making colorful paper clips would be a fun way to highlight categories that I flip to daily in my planner (like a calendar, sewing list, etc.).

I did want to make a note on the needle set that I recommend for this project.  The Prym Craft Needle Set includes a collections of six needles, used for multiple applications.  The needle to use for this project is the smallest needle, the leather needle (shown in the photo below).  If you haven’t yet worked with the other craft needles that are included in this kit, I’d recommend giving them a try (weaving, upholstery, etc.).  I find a lot of inspiration by working backwards from materials to a project (so you may see me utilizing these needles in future projects to share about as well).

The leather needle has a unique triangle point at the tip.  It is quite sharp (so care is needed with this project, to save your fingers).  This needle will need to be pushed through the wool balls. The shape and sharpness of the leather needle makes the process of puncturing the dense wool quite easy.


Wool Ball Diffuser

I thought this project would be fun to make an air diffuser for the air vents in my vehicle.  If you utilize public transportation, an diffuser would also be fun to enjoy clipped on top of a purse or bag.  I have a little canvas bag that I keep my planner in so this was a fun application for me to enjoy the diffuser with as well.  

To add a scent to the wool balls, you can select your favorite essential oil (available online if you’re not able to find one locally).  I especially enjoy smelling citrus scents in the winter (like grapefruit or lemon essential oils). Be aware that some citrus based essential oils may stain surfaces.  If you are concerned with keeping the wool balls free of stains you may want to try a non-citrus based oil like peppermint or eucalyptus.

The packages of wool felt balls offer lots of fun colors.  You have multiple options for how to approach which colors to use for your diffuser project.  

I decided to approach the smaller set of wool balls for this project and also utilize a gradient color order.  I think gradients are a fun way to see a variety of colors placed together.


  1. Cut a piece of crochet cotton thread 10” (25.4 cm) long.

  1. Tie a knot at one end of the thread, approximately 1” (2.5 cm) from the end.  Tie two more knots on top of this knot so that there are three knots tied together in this location (making one large knot).

  1. Line up four of the smaller wool balls to decide what color order you would like for this project.

  2. Thread each ball (through the center of the ball) onto the needle and down the thread until you reach the knot on the end.

  1. Take one of the wooden clips and thread the needle through the open hole of the spring on the clip.

  1. You will then anchor the thread loop into the top wool ball.  Push the threaded needle through the top of the wool ball.

  1. Leave a loop at the top, between the wood clip and wool ball (for the decoration to hang).

  1. Push the threaded needle back through the top of the wool ball again.  Catch the loop and push the needle through the loop to tie a knot.

  1. Pull the thread to securely close the thread into the wool ball.

  1. Place the threaded needle through the wool ball, pushing the end of the needle through the center and out the other side of the wool ball.

  1. You will now trim the thread to hide the end of this thread into the ball.  With a pair of scissors, trim off the end of the thread, right up against the wool ball.  You can include a little bit of the wool as you trim to hide the end of the thread.

  1. You will utilize this same “hiding” technique for the knotted thread other end of the diffuser.  First push the needle through the center of the wool ball on the other end of the set. Next place the end thread into the eye of the needle.

  1. Trim the end of the thread as we did in step 11.

  1. You now have a wool ball diffuser, ready to hang on an airvent in a vehicle,

On the top of a purse or bag, or in any location that you might enjoy.

Wool Ball Planner Clips

This project will utilize similar techniques as the wool ball diffuser project above.  I picked the larger wool ball sets for this project so that they are easily visible, peeking out above a planner.

  1. Cut a piece of crochet thread 7” ( 17.8 cm) long.

  2. Tie three knots on one end of the thread, leaving approximately 1.5” (3.8 cm) between the knots and tail end.

  3. Thread the needle through the center of the spring in a wood clip.

  4. Thread the needle through the bottom portion of a wool ball (not through the center).

  1. Next place the threaded needle through the center spring a second time.

  1. Thread the needle through the lower area of the wool ball again.  You will now secure this end of this thread in a knot through this side of the ball (and then hide the end as instructed in the diffuser project above).

  1. Leave this end of the thread poking out the other side of the wool ball (we will trim it in a minute).  Pierce the needle through the wool ball again, at the area of the knot and through the same orientation that you just pierced the ball.  Place the knotted end of the thread through the needle.

  1. Trim off both ends of the thread.

  1. Repeat this process will multiple colors to enjoy in your own planner.


The wooden peg package includes a generous amount of 25 clips.  You can make as many diffusers and planner clips to enjoy. You could also plan ahead for the year and make multiple versions for teacher gifts or for friends and family to enjoy as well.

I wish you all a very exciting time with your own crafting adventures in the new year!

Rachel @oakbluedesigns