Hello again! It’s Emily from Self Assembly Required with another Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make!

We’re moving into the warmer months and my love of making summery dresses has come back in full force with this latest make.

I picked out a beautiful Lady McElroy linen look yellow Floral Fabric. It has the sunniest of yellow backgrounds, covered in purple flowers and made 100% out of viscose that’s been woven in a way to emulate a slubby linen. I wanted to make a lovely flowing summer dress out of. It has a great drapey quality to it that I thought would work really well.

For the pattern I chose to make the Simplicity 8137 which I’d had in my stash for a couple of years! I’d won it as part of the Simplicity Sewing Challenge quite a while back. I picked it out but never got around to actually making it!

This pattern comes with multiple views: 2 dresses, a top and a trouser – pretty good value for your money! I chose to make view B which is the shorter length dress with the sleeves.

The dress has princess seams on the front and darts on the back with the bodice being fully lined. It has an asymmetric belt sewn into the bodice side seams and a pleated skirt.

There were a few things I knew I would want to change with the pattern. I shortened the bodice by 2.5cm, added side seam pockets and shortened the hem of the skirt and the sleeve. I ended up taking 15cm off the skirt length and 6cm off the sleeve in total! I also opted to omit the wide asymmetric belt and used the narrow (left) belt pattern for both sides.

I made a rookie error of not ironing my fabric after prewashing. I know, I know! I should’ve known better than to do that but it looked so flat and neat after I’d hung it up to dry! The edges of the fabric essentially became like crepe – all crinkly and the like. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise how much it had happened until after I’d cut my pieces! I ended up ironing a lot of pieces individually and recutting as needed as a lot of the pieces expanded and became misshapen!

Note to self – take the time and iron in future!

Apart from that, it was a relatively straight forward sew though I think a more stable fabric would have made it much easier! Having the bodice fully lined made the wrap much more stable than other wrap dresses I’ve tried before. I loved the part of the instructions where you encase the skirt in the bodice for a neat finish. It’s the burrito method that we used for shirt yokes but for a skirt! I’d never done that before and it’s such a lovely way to finish the insides.

I like the shorter length on me. I think it’s a bit more fun and I’ve made so many long dresses recently that this makes a nice change!