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Affiliate Program

What is the Minerva Crafts Affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a great way for you to earn some money on your website or blog by advertising our products through the use of links and banners that we provide. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase on the Minerva Crafts website on that day or in the next 30 days, you will receive a 7% commission of the total sale.

How do I join?

To join the Minerva Crafts affiliate network you must first sign up to Affiliate Window who are our partner and provider. When you have signed up we will email you with easy to follow instructions on how to get started.

Who are Affiliate Window?

This link will give you all the information about Affiliate Window you will need to make a decision.

How much does it cost?

Joining affiliate window is completely free. There is however a £5 payment taken to verify bank details which is credited to your publisher account and will be visible from the moment you login for the first time. You may request for this to be refunded to you if your application is declined or if you change your mind about your application before you are sent your first commission payment.

When I’m signing up it asks me what promotional type my website comes under and I’m not sure which one to put?

There are 4 different promotional types that you website will fall under, this is a brief description of each.

Content: Content promotion is when you’ll release a blog for example and then include a link to one of our products in it. The post could be completely focused on the product or it could just be a small text link that you think would complement the post naturally.

Display: We have a large volume of different banner ads in our affiliate window account in many different shapes and sizes which you will hopefully feel will fit your blog. If not we do have limited resources to design an add more to your specific blogs style.

Email: This simply means sending emails out on our behalf about our latest offers. Its often the case where large affiliate publishers send emails out containing offers from many different affiliate advertisers at once to the mailing lists which they have built up over the years.

Search: This is when you use Pay per click (PPC) or search engine optimisation (SEO) to deliver traffic to your website and then forward it onto to Minerva Crafts to complete a purchase.

How do I know if I’ve earned any commission?

Affiliate window provides a user friendly interface which gives you tools to track a number of metrics which include clicks generated, transactions and commission.

How does the system know I’ve generated a sale?

When a link or banner is clicked on your site, a cookie (small file placed on your computer) is dropped which in turn is recognised by the tracking code on the Minerva Crafts site. A sale is only tracked if the purchase is completed and the customer reaches the confirmation page. This means that the user has to submit all information and payment details required before it will be tracked as a sale and you are paid commission. For a more detailed explanation please click here.

When will I get paid?

You receive your payment up to twice a month when you reach the minimum payment threshold of £20. If you don’t reach that figure then your commission will be rolled over onto the next month.

What if a customer returns a product from a sale I generated?

The number of returns we receive is very low but it sometimes happens and in those cases we will be unable to pay commission on those sales. A customer has 14 days to return a product and after that time if the customer is happy then commission will be approved.

How do I create links?

We have a fine selection of text links, banners, promotional texts and widgets available for you to use in affiliate window. If you have a special requirement for a specific link then we will try to accommodate you if possible.

Is your program exclusive to one network?

Yes our program is exclusive to affiliate window.