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Lining Fabric

Fabrics used for lining may or may not be made especially for the purpose. To be suitable, a fabric should be smooth to the touch, soft, pliable, and light enough in weight not to interfere in any way with the hang of the garment fabric. Fibre content and construction may vary, but if possible use an anti-static fabric for lining ,as this will prevent your garment from riding up the body as you walk or move. At Minerva Crafts we offer a large selection of lining fabric specifically designed for the job! We have a lovely habotai lining which is exceptional value for money. We also have a range of anti-static linings in a large range of colours. For stretch fabric fans we have an anti-static stretch lining which is beautifully soft and drapey.

5 Colours
Italian Plaid Check Taffeta Lining Dress Fabric

Italian Plaid Check Taffeta Lining Dress Fabric


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