Alright, it’s Humbug from Handmade by Humbug here. 

In today's tutorial I’m going to talk to you about Pom Poms. Specifically the heart shaped ones that can be achieved with the Clover Heart Pom Pom maker. The cheerful pom pom is having a resurgence with a range of different types from the time honored yarn through to massive paper ones that grace weddings. Kirstie Allsopp and a vast array of participants demonstrated the pom poms power as a crafty favourite with the world record beating pom pom chain at the Handmade Fair last year. Why, though, are they so popular?

My theory is maybe it’s the name. Pom Pom. It’s hard to say it and still feel dour.

Go on say it.

Come on you’ll need to say it louder than that.

See, I bet you’re smiling now aren’t you?

First impressions: Well this definitely isn’t two donuts of cardboard cut out of the side of a cereal packet now is it; it looks fancy and technical. I had, before starting this review, investigated this tool online. The feedback is that she’s a tricksy beast. Don’t worry however as I am a fully qualified reviewer and I shall use all my skill and nerve to tame the creature and bring you pretty heart shaped pom poms.

First thing is to make sure the hearts on each side are the same way up. This will mean you get the fat end at the top and thin end at the bottom. The instructions say to insert the center pin in firmly, well I don’t know about yours but mine came with the two sides already attached. I therefore didn’t realise they could come apart. Well of course they can Humbug you muppet otherwise you’ll only ever make one pom pom that lives forever inside the maker.

1st attempt. Well I have a pom pom. It’s not overly heart like though. It would appear from reading the instructions that I need to trim it into the familiar shape. If I’m honest with you my attempt at this did not go well. In fact you might assume that my pom pom has mange. A trim here and a trim there and voila a pom pom visible only under microscope…. ah.                            

The instructions are very good so follow them step by careful step. Use the pictures, where they wrap, you wrap. I think the issue causing the most difficulty is how to make a distinct heart shape. The best way I found to do it was to cut diagonally down towards the yarn that you used to wrap around the pom pom.  Make sure you hold the yarn tightly otherwise you will accidentally snip into it. I only did this three times. Expert crafter me. Also trim from front to back horizontally either side of the tied yarn to make the dip at the top nice and distinct. You will also end up with a lot of left over fuzz, I suggest putting down something to collect it.

Also and I can’t stress this enough make sure that your yarn that you tied round is really tight otherwise it will all fall apart. This is annoying. I speak from experience. However tight you think it is? Double it.

So onto attempt two I go. First off can I say that the King Cole Flash DK I’m using is perfect for the job. I really love the way that the self variegated colours mean you get multicoloured pom poms. Also the colours are so gosh darn cheerful, they just make you smile.

So for attempt two… ok fine attempt four, five and six I have pom poms that are sufficiently heart shaped. My top tip therefore for using the Clover Heart Pom Pom maker is perseverance. You first one will likely be rubbish, as will your second, possibly even your third. Keep at it. Heart shaped poms poms are joy cubed.

As I am a thorough reviewer I had a go with some different thicknesses of yarn. Just for funsies.


4 ply:

Sparkly DK:

So there you have it! If you would like to have a go at making your own Heart Shaped Pom Poms, this is the Clover Pom Pom Tool you will need. It comes in 2 sizes. I used the small, but the large one would be fun too!
If you enjoyed this then come back next week to see my follow up Pom Pom Garland tutorial.
Thanks for having me!
Humbug from Handmade by Humbug x