It’s Humbug from Handmade by Humbug back again after last weeks Heart Shape Pom Pom Tutorial

Is it sunny where you are? Are you experiencing that lesser spotted but much anticipated Indian Summer that the weather forecasts keep promising?

How about some Pom Pom garland to help you maintain that sunny feeling over the long winter that the weather forecasts also keep threatening?

To begin you’re going to need:

King Cole Flash DK yarn. (Any DK will do but please make it self variegating. You could do it in a solid colour but I don’t see why you’d want to.)

4mm Crochet Hook

Clover Pom Pom Maker in Large (I think circle pom poms work better for this project to show off the colours but feel free to make some cute heart shaped pompom garlands, the process is the same but just be extra careful not to pull them apart when threading them onto the chain).

Large eyed blunt darning needle 


Glue (optional)

Here's how to do it;

Make 20 pom poms. Make sure you tie them tightly or you risk them coming apart later on.

This garland is going to be made of 5 rows of 5. The eagle eyed mathletes amongst you will notice that 20 poms does not make 5 rows of 5 but we’ll come to that….

You can either use one type of yarn per pom pom or if, like me, you have a range of colour ways you could go really technocolour and use a different yarn for each side of the pom pom. Works best this way if you use contrast colours. 

Make a crochet chain with one of your yarns to the desired length. The one I’m using to demonstrate is about 73”. Make sure you leave extra long tails at each end for your chain. The ones I’m using here are 18” long.

Now is the clever bit where we make up the shortfall of poms poms. We’re going to have each end of the garland finished with a pom pom! I think this makes it look a little prettier and slightly more ‘done’ than just a loose end of yarn. 

Wrap your pom pom maker up until the point where you would tie round the yarn and rather than using a separate piece, use the tail from your crochet chain.

Double your tail in half and wrap round the pom pom maker. Once the pom pom is complete just trim down the end not connected to the chain.

Now make yourself a further 5 crochet chains again making sure to leave long tails. These chains are going to hang down from your original chain. 

These are only going to have a pom pom on one end so attach a pom pom to each of your 5 chains. Tie each chain securely to your original chain, spacing them evenly. Trim the excess tail that you’ve just tied. With the opposite tail to the one you just put a pom pom on, thread it on to a darning needle. Use this to thread 4 pom poms on to the drop. Do this carefully making sure you don’t cause the yarn that secures the pom pom to come loose. 

Tie each chain securely to your original chain, spacing them evenly. Trim the excess tail that you’ve just tied.

You may find due to the weight of the pom poms that the knot can come undone so pop a little blob of glue at each tie to secure it.

Hang up and admire the cheerful atmosphere it brings to the room.