A slightly different tutorial today, from our lovely friends at Impex-Trimits! They have a stunning range of luxury beads an have brought out a tutorial based around their A La Mode range.As crafters we're all already thinking about Christmas an these bracelets would be perfect stocking fillers! You can colour co-ordinate with he lovely Shamballa style beads, choose their Birth Stone with Semi-Precious beads, or pure elegance with Czech Crystal beads. We'll leave that but to you but in the mean time, here's the how to!
You will need-
1. Cut 3 lengths of cord 1 m long and tie them together with a loose knot about 25cm from one end. Place sticky tape above the knot an stick the cords onto a flat surface.
2. To create the first macrame square knot begin by separating the three cords and taking cord 1 OVER the tops of cords 2 and 3 (Diagram A)
3. Now take cord 3 and pass it OVER the top of cord 1 before taking the end UNDER and through the loop you have created between cords 1 and 2 (Diagram 2)
4. Next,  pull the ends of cords 1 and 3 together to make a knot, making sure cord 2 remains tight and straight (Diagram C) Pull this knot together to create the fist half of your square knot. 
5. To make the second half of the knot, take cord 1 UNDER cords 2 and 3, before passing cord 3 UNDER cord 1. Now take the end of cord 3 and take it OVER and through the loop between cords 1 and 2. Finish the knot by repeating step 4 above.
So this is the basis of your bracelet. Usually, there are 2 full knots between beads on Shamballa bracelets, which is around 10mm so this could really help you sizing your bracelets!  
6. Thread your first bead on to cord 2, pushing it flush to the knot, and contain it with another square knot. Continue with this process until you have your desired pattern and length.
7. To tie off your bracelet, tie a very secure knot at the finished end and and a dab of good glue to secure it.
8. Trim of the outer cords from each end LEAVING YOUR MIDDLE CORD INTACT. 
9. La your bracelet flat creating a circle so your middle cords cross.
10. Take your remaining 50 cm of cord and place it halfway across your middle cords, so 25 cm sit on each side. Cord 1 will be on the left, your middle cords are now cord 2 and cord 3 is on the right.
11. Make a Square Knot, keeping it quite loose so it can slide. 
12. Create 5 more square knots and tie off as mentioned above, but no glue!
13. Finish your bracelet by adding a bead to he ends of your middle cords and trimming the excess from the knots.