Hello again everyone. 

For this tutorial I thought I'd go for a knitting project. I love knitting because It can be portable...I  can be spotted knitting in the garden, on a train, in the caravan or in front the TV! But even though I love it I'm quite slow & impatient so I find small projects best, Stylecraft Pattern 8886 was a perfect. I choose the pull on hat for which you need; 

1 ball Eskimo DK Yarn (I chose colour 5007 Silver)

1 ball Life DK Yarn (I chose colour 2341 Silver Grey)

1 pair 4mm & 1 pair 3.25mm Knitting Needles (needle sizes may need to change after checking tension) 

Everyone knits to a slightly different tension so it's important to check yours to see it corresponds with the pattern otherwise you may find your knit doesn't fit when finished. This pattern requires a section of 22 stitches & 30 rows to be measured so I find it easier to knit a larger piece but mark the area to be measured by doing a couple rows of contrast knitting at start & end of the 30 rows as well as placing a marker at either end of the 22 stitches at a midway point. This piece then needs to be left to relax before laying flat to be measured. 

For ease of knitting always try to take the yarn end from the centre of the ball as it stops the ball giggling around as you pull. So now to start the hat. The pattern requires to cast on using the thumb method, which I find gives a nice loose edge that can stretch. I have demonstrated here using the Life DK but have chosen to make the hat with the Eskimo DK as the edge as it gives a lovely soft fur effect. 

The whole knit is made up of alternate rows of knit and purl stitches, stocking stitch, making it ideal for the beginner knitter. To keep track of which row you are on I use a post it note to stick onto the pattern at the appropriate spot. This means I know exactly where I am if I have to stop. Importantly try to never stop mid row as it may leave a mark in the row. 

The pattern calls for you to knit 12 cms in your 1st yarn before changing to the other one. When changing yarn at the beginning of the row leave a long end free then start knitting the next row with the new yarn, again leaving a long length at start. Do not knot these ends as the knot might pull the knitting or get in the way so stitch the ends in at the end as you sew the hat together. 

The crown is shaped by knitting 2 stitches together at spaces along each knit row. This makes each knit row shorter, producing the curved shape and producing a neat decorative looking line. 

Once the shaping lines are complete the final stitches need to be gathered up by cutting the yarn & threading it through the stitches, sliding off the knitting needle before pulling together & securing. 

Knitting complete just the sewing up to do! Fold the knitting, right sides together, matching up the side seam & sew from the top down to the level of the turn back. On reaching this point you need to turn back the right way & sew the remanded of the seam from the right side. This means the seam edge will be hidden when worn. 


And there it is! A hat perfect for this colder weather and a fantastic make for a gift.  It's a great pattern that gives you a variety of looks so I'll definitely be making another but which of the lovely colours next? 

Bye for now and as always, to see more, please visit my blog!