You can’t beat handmade Christmas decorations, so when I came across this embroidery kit I had to get one! 

It includes everything you need to make three decorations, and they’re really easy to do too. Here’s how I made my first one.

First grab all the bits you need for this house and put everything else away! If you’re anything like me, you’ll lose the other bits. I also grabbed my fabric glue pen to make the stitching even easier by adding a dab of glue to each piece as I went along. Don’t forget your scissors too.

Ready to go? Ok, then start with the biggest piece and the chimney piece (remember I’m dabbing glue on mine to hold them in place as I go along) and stitch them together using a running stitch with the black embroidery floss. I cut the red cord to length at this point too. Put these bits to one side for now.

Next you need to stitch together the front of the house and the roof. You’ll notice there are already holes in the felt to make it even easier.

Add the door and the tree trunk.

I’ll certainly never win awards for my hand sewing but I quite like the wonky stitching!

Time for the Christmas tree! Change your embroidery floss to red for this one. 

Pop the star on the top. 

Glue the snow onto the tree.

Change your embroidery floss to white now and stitch some snowflakes on the roof. I like this detail, but I decided not to do the French knots on the roof as well (because I’m really not very good at them!).

The snow on the tree is meant to have some lovely French knots on it in yellow, blue and red. I tried my best, I really did, but I just can’t get the hang of them! 

With the blue I ended up doing one little straight stitch instead!

Stitch the snow at the bottom of the door with white floss.

Use a running stitch to sew the front and back of the house together with the black embroidery floss, but don’t forget to leave a gap for stuffing. 

Sew up the gap once you’ve added enough stuffing.


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