Difficulty - 3/5
Time to Make - Afternoon Project
Dimensions W x H x D - 10" x 10" x 5" (25 cm x 25 cm x 13 cm approx.)
FABRIC A - 2/3 yd (0.60 m) Playground Count With Me Quilting Fabric - Light Aqua
FABRIC B - 1/4 yd (0.25 m) Playground The Wheels Go Round Quilting Fabric - Dark Taupe
FABRIC C - 1/4 yd (0.25 m) Playground Zig Zags Quilting Fabric - Aqua
FABRIC D (lining)  - 1/2 yd (0.45 m) Playground Picking Flowers Quilting Fabric - Yellow
FABRIC E (handles) -  2/3 yd (0.60 m) Playground Tonal Grid Quilting Fabric - Light Taupe
BATTING - 2/3 yd (0.60 m) Quilting Batting
- A 1/4” seam allowance is included in the templates. Unless otherwise indicated, please sew all seams with a 1/4” allowance. 
- Unless otherwise noted, sew all seams with the fabrics’ Right Sides together. 
- Please wash, dry & iron your cotton before beginning, but do not iron batting. 
- Arrows indicate the direction of the fabric’s grain, running from top to bottom.
Print the Triangle Tote template (pp 7-15) at 100% size and tape the pages together, matching up the grey squares. 
Cut out the template pieces. 
Refer to the Cutting Diagrams below to cut the following pieces. 
Fabric A: (4) Large Triangles (2) Small Triangles 
Fabric B: (6) small triangles 
Fabric C: (2) Tops 
Fabric D (Lining): (2) Lining Body pieces (2) Pockets 
Fabric E: (2) Handles (not included in the templates & cutting diagrams): 4” wide x 20” tall 
Batting: (2) Full Sides
1. Fold each Handle piece in half and sew the two long edges together as shown. Press the seam open. 
2. Baste one short end closed and push the Handle Right Side out with a large knitting needle. Remove your basting stitches.
1. Sew a small Fabric B triangles to each small Fabric A triangle as shown. Press the seams open. 
2. Sew a small Fabric B triangle to each of the remaining sides of the (2) small Fabric A triangles as shown. Press your seams open as you go. 
3. Sew your (4) large Fabric A triangles to the left and right-hand sides of the units you just made, and press the seams open. This completes the Side-Bottom of the tote’s Shell. Shell Side: Make (2)
4. Baste each Handle’s raw ends to the top edge of a Shell Side unit, with the Handles’ seams facing away from the Shell. Be careful not to twist the Handles. 
5. Sew the bottom edge of a Fabric C Top piece to the top edge of each Shell Side. Press the seam open; press the Handle ends toward the Shell Side.
6. Pin a Batting Side to the Wrong Side of each Shell Side unit. Begin at the center of the Sides and progress outward toward the edges. Quilt the Shell Sides as desired, and edge-stitch the Top to the Batting, but don’t quilt the Top just yet.
Here’s how we quilted our Tote: 
We quilted 1/4” from either side of each join-seam and around the outer edge of the Tote. 
Next, we quilted paralled lines of stitches across the large Fabric A trianges, spaced 1” apart. 
Finally, we quilted lines paralled to the Tote’s bottom & sides, 1” from each edge.
7. Tuck the handles against the center of the Shell sides and pin in place, to keep them out of the way of your seams. Sew the Shell units together around their sides & bottom, but leave the top open. 
8. Finger-press the bottom corners of your Shell as shown, taking care to line up the side seams. Draw a line across each corner where it’s 5” wide and box the corners by sewing along these lines, backstitching at both ends of each seam. Trim your corners 1/2” away from these seams and clip the fabric away at the seams’ ends.
1. Fold & press the following pieces in half as shown: 
(1) Lining Side 
(1) Lining Top 
(2) Pockets 
Unfold these pieces.
2. Sew the Pocket pieces to the Top & Side pieces as shown, lining up the creases. Press the seams toward the Pockets.
3. Sew the Top & Pocket unit to the Side & Pocket unit with a 1/2” seam as shown. Press the Top/Side seam toward the Side piece. 
4. Sew the second Top to the second Side with a 1/2” seam as shown. Press the seam toward the Side piece. 
5. Sew the Lining units together around their side & bottom edges with a 1/2” seam allowance, but leave the top open. Clip the corners & press the seams open. 
6. Press & box the corners of the Lining as you did with the Shell. 
7. Turn the Lining Right Side out.
1. With the Handles still pinned down, fit the Lining into the Shell, Right Sides together. Sew the two layers together around the top edges with a 1/2” seam, making sure that the side seams are lined up. Leave 4” gap at one side. 
2. Turn the Tote Right Side out through the gap in the top seam. Whipstitch the gap closed. 
3. Quilt the top of the tote as desired; we sewed lines paralled to the top edge, spaced about 1” apart.