Learning to thread your sewing machine may seem complicated at first, but once you have read this post and practiced a few times you will soon master it and it will become a quick and easy job that comes as second nature in no time!

Once again, machines do vary. I will show you how to thread my domestic machine and this should give you a good guideline on how to thread yours even if things are positioned a little differently on your machine.

I think its best to start with a little background on how your machine sews. A sewing machine uses two sources of thread. One being from the 'reel' or spool of thread that sits at the top of your machine and the other that comes up from the bobbin at the bottom. You should have some empty bobbins with your machine and these will need filling with thread that you buy on spools.

To begin we will thread the top thread spool down to where the needle sits. To do this place the spool of thread onto the spool pin at the top of your machine. (This part can vary on different machines. On some machines the pin sticks upwards, some sideways and some sit encased inside the machines 'outer box' and some have a plastic disc which fits on the end to hold the spool in place - like it does on mine).

The thread sitting on the spool pin should be coming out from behind the spool towards the left. Take hold of the thread and guide it around the first hook (1), then around the second hook (2), down the channel and around the bend (3), up the straight channel (4), guide around the hook at the top (that is sat inside the channel) and back down again (5).

Then you need to loop it through the hook just above your needle (6) and lastly thread it through the front of the needle. I always snip the thread first before threading it so there are no 'fuzzy bits' and the thread has a nice clean edge. This makes it much easier to thread. If your needle is down in the machine just turn the hand wheel (the wheel at the right hand side of your machine (7)) to move it up into a position so you can thread it. Please watch the video below to see how to thread your machine.


Now you need to wind thread on to the bobbon. The bobbin goes in at the bottom of the machine. Again all machines differ. On some machines the bobbin is positioned directly under the needle (as it is on my machine) and other machines are front loaded which means the bobbin is positioned vertically.

Once you have threaded your machine, take the thread that is sat just above the needle and wrap it around the little point that sticks out somewhere towards the left of your your machine. You need to put the bobbin on the little bobbin winder and wrap the thread around it a few times so that the thread will stay put until you are ready to wind. Next flick the bobbin winder to the right to secure in place. On my machine the bobbins have a little letter 'H' on them. This has to be facing you when you put the bobbin on the little prong.

Now for the first time switch on your machine. Slowly press your foot down on the pedal to start the thread winding from the spool onto the bobbin. Check the thread is winding correctly on to the bobbin and then you can speed up by pressing down more firmly on the pedal. Keep winding until the bobbin is full of thread or as much as you need if you are only doing a small job or project. (Most machines nowadays stop automatically when the bobbin is full). Once done snip the thread to separate the spool and bobbin. Then flick the bobbin winder back to the left to remove the bobbin. Dont forget to turn off your machine again...we dont want any fingers accidentally sewn together! Please watch the video below to see how.


My machine doesnt have a bobbin case but many do. If your machine has a bobbin case you will need to take this out of the machine, place your bobbin inside it, pull a little bit of thread down the tiny slit at the side of the bobbin case and then place it back in the machine.

If your machine is like mine then all you need to do is flip off the protective cover, lay the bobbin down into the hole (so that when the thread is pulled the bobbin twists anti-clockwise), bring it under the little catch at the bottom next to the bobbin, around the catch at the top left and back around underneath the little cutter at the front left. Then put the protective cover back in place. Please watch the video below to see how!


You will then need to bring your thread up to the top of your machine. You do this by taking hold of the spool thread with one hand and turning the hand wheel with the other. By turning the hand wheel the needle will go up and down. Simply rotate the hand wheel once so that the needle goes down and comes back up again once. Then gently pull the thread you have been holding in your other hand and this should bring the bobbin thread up to the top of the machine. If for some reason the loop of thread doesnt come up the first time just repeat the action again (sometimes its takes a couple of tries before it comes up, so dont worry). On some more expensive machines, the machine will do this for you automatically - clever eh?

I would recommend you practice threading your machine a few times before starting to sew. You will soon get the knack of it and it becomes a quick job to do!

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been an informative post and will encourage you on your way towards sewing with your machine. For further tutorials please visit the Minerva Crafts Learn to Sew page.

Happy Sewing everyone!