Skill Level - 2/3
Time to Make - 1-2 hrs
Finished Size - 18" x 18" x 6" (46 cm x 46 cm x 15 cm)
Fabic A - 1/2 yd (45 cm) Mixology Herringbone - Bali
Fabic B - 1/2 yd (45 cm) Mixology Herringbone - Rainwater
Fabic C - 1/3 yd (3 cm)  Mixology Herringbone - Zinc
Backing - 1/2 yd (45 cm) Fresh Solids - Zinc
- Your Template
- paper printer
- 1/2 yard of fusible cotton interfacing (22” wide)
- (4) tassels
- 24” straight edge ruler
- sewing machine & thread 
 - straight pins 
- Please wash, dry & iron your fabric before beginning, and trim selvages.
- Unless otherwise directed, sew all seams with a 1/2” seam allowance.
- WOF = width of fabric.
- RST = right sides together.
1. Print the Color Block Pillow Template at 100% size. Measure the test square to make sure 
the scale is correct.
2. Trim the borders from each page and tape the template pages together according to the 
numbered triangles. 
3. Trace the Polygon template (1) time onto the Wrong Side of Fabrics A & B, paying 
attention to the direction of the grain line. Cut out these pieces.
4. Trace the Circle template (1) time onto the Wrong Side of Fabric C and cut it out.
5. Cut (2) 19” x 15” rectangles from your Backing fabric.
1. Fold & press a 1/4” hem along (1) long edge of each Backing piece, Wrong Sides 
together. Repeat this step to make a 1/4” rolled hem; topstitch the hem, 1/8” from the folded 
2. Place the Circle Wrong Side up on your ironing board, and cover it with the fusing, glue 
side down. Press well to bond the layers, and trim the excess fusing.
3. Fold & press a 1/4” hem all around the Circle’s edge, Wrong Sides facing.
4. Fold the Circle in half and press lightly, making a crease through it center. Rotate the 
piece 90º and press again.
5. Sew the Polygons together along their slanted edges and press the seam open.
6. Fold & press the resulting square along its (2) central axes, as you did with the Circle.
7. Place the Circle on the square pillow front, with the Wrong Side of the Circle against the 
Right Side of the square and the central creases aligned. Pin & topstich the layers together 
with a 1/8” seam allowance from the Circle’s folded edge.
8. Press the pillow front to remove the central creases
9. Sew each tassel to a corner of the pillow front’s Right Side by its 
loop, as shown, with the tassel pointing toward the pillow’s center
10. Place your (2) backing rectangles on the pillow front, RST, so 
that the backing pieces’ rolled hems are overlapping at the 
center of the pillow. Pin in place.
11. Sew the pillow backing to the pillow front around all (4) sides, 
backstitching at the beginning & end of the seam, and at the 
(4) points where the seam passes over one of the rolled hems. 
Make sure the tassels are out of the way of the seam.
12. Clip your corners, being careful not to cut through the loops of the tassels, and press your 
seams open.
13. Turn the pillow cover Right Side out through the gap between the Backing panels. Poke 
out the corners, press the edges lightly and fit it over your pillow form.