Make Time: Approx: 1 hour 30 mins
Tools: Minicaft Snail Kit and a packet of toy stuffing
This little guy comes with a set of instructions on the inside card – it is lovely and clear and takes things in manageable chunks of work. (Despite this I still became unstuck a few times so read carefully!)
Firstly lay out all your snail pieces – and check it is all there! I discovered (later on in the process) that the ‘rigid velvet piping’ was missing – although replaced by cotton cord.
The first clever bit of this pattern is that it gets you to pin the shell pieces to the spiral pattern provided.
You actually sew right through the paper with the shell attached! 
It’s a fabulous way of getting the shape just right – the paper just rips away easily from the wrong side once you are finished – leaving a very snaily looking shell! 
Next up are the feelers – the kit comes with a handy (if not suspect looking) life size diagram to measure against. 
They were supposed to be rigid bits of piping but the kit contained floppy cord – hence some rather droopy antennae. The feelers get trapped into some pre-cut darts, again demonstrated on the kit card and sewn up to secure in place. (Doesn’t it look scary at this point!) 
The shell and body pieces are attached – looking rather more snailesque now – and the two pieces joined and sewn all the way around with the exception of the bottom edge. 
To the googly eyes! This bit was fiddly – reach up into the snail (that’s not a sentence you type everyday) and push the eye through the pre-made hole so the pin shows through. Push the washer onto the pin to secure – it does need a firm press so you can hear a pop. 
Once your snail is mostly assembled, you just need to add his ‘underneath’. Pin this all the way around and stitch, leaving a big gap along one side for stuffing. Tuck in the fur as you go along – your sewing machine will thank you! 
Turn this guy right side out – nearly there! 
With the gap you left in the body, stuff that snail! For such a small fella he sure did take some stuffing…about a ¼ of the packet went in there. You need a juicy snail. 
He now just needs a little surgery to stitch up that side – hand sewing skills (or in my case lack of) at the ready! 
Crazy mouth optional. The kit provides some brown ‘yarn’ for his mouth however I decided against this in the end, he was cuter without it.
A little brush down, comb and haircut later your snail will be ready for the big wide world! 
Just mind out for your plants….
A big thank you to Emma from Crafty Clyde for this tutorial. To find out more about the designer visit her blog.