Difficulty - 2/5
Time to Make - Afternoon Project
Finished Size - Small, Medium, Large
MAIN - 2 1/2 yd (2.3 m) Nightfall Fretwork Poplin Quilting Fabric - Black
ACCENT - 1.2 yd (0.45 m) Nightfall Confetti Dots Poplin Quilting Fabric - Black
- Your Template
- printer & tape 
- sewing machine & thread 
 - straight pins 
- Please wash, dry & iron your fabric before beginning, and trim the selvages. 
- Unless otherwise directed, sew all seams with a 1/2” allowance and the fabrics’ Right Sides facing, and press seams open as you go.
- WOF = width of fabric
1. Print the Boxy Dress Neckline & Facing Template (pp 6-9) at 100% of actual size, and cut out the pattern pieces. Tape the (2) Front Facing pieces together, matching up the notches on the template. Set the templates aside for now. 
2. Cut (2) 36” x WOF rectangles from your Main fabric. Fold them in half on the vertical axis Right Sides together (so that the 36” edges meet up) and press a crease down the fold line. 
3. 12” from the center crease of each piece, draw a vertical line beginning 12” from the fabric’s top edge and ending at its bottom edge. This will be the side of the Body piece.
4. 8” from the top edge of each piece, draw a 1/2” line extending horizontally from the fabric’s outer edge. This will be the seam allowance for joining the cuff to the sleeve. 
5. Join the end of these (2) lines as shown; this defines the inner edge of the sleeve.
6. Trace the Front neckline template onto (1) Body piece as shown, and the Back neckline template onto the other Body piece. The dashed “fold” line on the template should be aligned to the fabric’s fold, and its top edge aligned to the top edge of the fabric. Cut along the traced lines. 
NOTE: the templates define the empty space of the neckline, so the corners of fabric which were covered by your patterns will be discarded.
7. Cut a 18” square from your remaing Main fabric. Fold this square in half along its vertical axis and press the crease. 
Trace (1) Neckline Facing template piece along each crease, with the “fold” line of the pattern piece lined up to the fabric’s fold. Cut out these pieces.
8. From your Accent fabric, cut (3) 6” x WOF strips. Cut (1) strip into (2) 15” x 6” rectangles for the Cuffs. Cut (2) strips into (2) 23-1/2” x 6” rectangles for the Hem.
1. Edge-stitch around the edges of your fabric pieces with a zig-zag stitch to stabilize them, except for the bottom edges of your Cuffs & Hems, and the neckline edges. 
2. Sew the top edge of each Hem piece to the bottom edge of a Body piece as shown. 
3. Sew the Bodies together at their shoulder seams.
4. Sew the Neckline Facing pieces together at their shoulder seams as shown. 
Turn the Facing Right Side out.
5. Fit the Facing into the neckline of the Body, Right Sides together, making sure that the shoulder seams are lined up. Pin & sew the Facing to the Body all around the neckline. 
6. Line up the center crease of the Front Facing with the center crease of the front Body. Insert a pin across the crease as shown, 5-1/2” from the edge of the neckline. 
7. Draw & sew the edges of the neckline slit as follows: 
- Begin at the edge of the neckline, 1/2” to the right of the center crease. 
- Sew down toward the pin, with the line ending very slightly to the right of the center crease.
- Sew 1-2 stitches horizontally across the crease. 
- Sew up toward the neckline, ending 1/2” to the left of the center crease.
8. Cut down the center crease between the lines of stitches, stopping just above the 1-2 stitches running across the crease. 
9. Clip the corners & curves of the neckline, and turn the dress Right Side out. Poke the corners at the top of the neckline slit all the way out with a knitting needle or pencil. Press the neckline seam, rolling the Facing slightly to the inside. 
10. Topstitch the Facing to the shell at the shoulder seams, stitching “in the ditch” (directly over the existing seams). Turn the dress Wrong Side out. 
11. Sew the zig-zagged edge of each Cuff to the end of a sleeve as shown. 
12. Sew the front & back of the dress together as shown, along the bottoms of the Cuffs & sleeves and the outside edges of the Body & Hem. 
13. Turn, press & topstich a 1/4” rolled hem at each Cuff and the bottom edges of the Hem pieces. 
14. Turn the dress Right Sid out - all done!