Skill Level: 3/5
Time to Complete: Afternoon Project
Final Fit: XS-S-M
Fabric Requirements:
Main Fabric: 1 1.4 yds (1.15 m) Featured fabric Jacket 1 Paisley Please Collection Cotton Quilting Fabric Tan Lattice
Lining Fabric: 3/5 yd (0.7 m) polyester lining in complementary colour
Cropped Jacket Supplies 
- your pattern templates
- paper printer 
 - sewing machine & coordinating thread 
- Please wash, dry & iron your cotton before beginning, and trim selvages. 
- When ironing the lining fabric, use moderate heat. 
- When laying out template pieces on a directional print, be conscious of the pattern’s orientation. 
- The template includes a 1/2” seam allowance. Unless otherwise noted, sew all seams with a 1/2” allowance. 
1. Print the Cropped Jacket template (pp 4-15) at 100% of actual size. Trim along the marked page borders, tape the pieces together as indicated by the numbered triangles and cut out the templates. 
2. Trace the templates once onto a folded double layer of the Shell fabric and once onto a folded double layer of Lining fabric, with the center back against the fabric’s fold as noted on your template. Cut out the pieces in both fabrics. 
1. Sew the Front Shell panels to the Back Shell piece along the sides (Seam A), Right Sides together. Sew the Front panels to the Back at the shoulders (Seam B), Right Sides together. Repeat this step with the Lining Front and Back pieces, and press all seams open. 
2. Sew the Front Sleeve pieces to their corresponding Back Sleeve pieces along the outer arm (Seam C) as shown Right Sides together. Press the seam open. Sew the inner arm (Seam D) of each sleeve and press the seam open. Turn all four sleeves Right Sides out.
3. Fit the one sleeve of each layer into its corresponding bodice, Right Sides together, with the Back Sleeve pieces against the Bodice Backs and the Front Sleeve pieces against the Bodice Fronts. Pin these sleeves in place, with many pins inserted perpendicular to the fabric’s edge and the shoulder & side seams aligned. These seams should require little or no easing. Sew these sleeves, then pin & sew the second sleeve of each fabric. 
4. Baste a 1/4” hem along the bottom edge of each bodice.
5. Fit the Lining into the Shell, Right Sides together, and sew the two layers together around the lapels & neck (Seam F) with the shoulder seams aligned. Press this seam open, turn the jacket Right Sides out and press once again, rolling the Lining slightly toward the inside as you go. 
6. Topstitch the two layers of the jacket together along the bottom edge (Seam G) with an 1/8” seam following the line of stitching your made in Step 4. 
7. You can press the lapels open as we did, or leave them to drape naturally. Either way, wear the jacket with great posture and a pair of fabulous shoes.