This is a quick and easy sew, perfect for the colder weather that’s approaching. Its also great for people who aren't very experienced with sewing knit fabrics.

You will need:

- 1 metre of Ponte Roma Jersey Fabric [I used the marl grey]

- sewing machine

fabric scissors

tailors chalk

sewing thread

dressmaking pins

ball point sewing machine needle

- optional, walking foot

How to make:

1. Pre wash and dry your fabric.

2. Lay your fabric flat on the floor and mark the centre of your longest side. Now cut your fabric so it measures 31inch x 58inch [this should just require you to cut off an 8inch strip].

3. Put your leftover strip to one side.

4. Fold the two corners of your short edge inside to create a triangle, do the same on the other side and pin together.

5. Now sew these together on your machine using a suitable stretch stitch [I used a small zig zag].

6. Now make your pleated back. Mark five inches either side of your centre line and create a box pleat [you can use either a normal box pleat or an inverted one] and using your machine, tack it down.

7. Now to create your sleeve holes. Lay your diamond points down and cut about 4 inches off the tip. Now you have an opening for your slouchy sleeves! Hem the opening and repeat on the other side.

8. Now all we need to do is create the collar band, using the 8 inch strip you cut off earlier. Firstly cut this strip into two 4inch x 58inch strips, and sew the two short ends together to make one really long strip!

9. Now fold your long strip over wrong sides together to create a long tube and stitch closed [you can stitch this on the outside].

10. Now pin this tube to the round opening of your cardigan. I started at the centre seam of the tube and matched it to the centre of your box pleat.

11. Now you can stitch this down using a small zing zag. After it is fully attached you can stitch your seam allowance to the inside. I used a larger zig zag for this part to give it a more ready to wear look.

12. You should have a small opening at the bottom of your collar where the edges meet. You can either slip stitch this closed or neatly zig zag it.

13. And Voilà! You are finished!!!


- You can do a contrasting colour collar.

- Add sleeve extensions to the ends of your armholes.

- I like to wear mine pinned closed with a nice brooch but you could also add a buttonhole.

- You can also thread a belt through the armholes and fasten it at the front.

- This is also great for little children to hide under when they feel shy, which makes me think it might work well for mothers who'd like a bit more privacy when breastfeeding.

I hope you like it!

Much Love

Frankie @ knitwitsOwls