Dear Summer wardrobe, 
I had such fun, but we have to go our separate ways. I've found something else. I'm sorry.
Lots of Love,
Me x
Yes, it's officially Winter. Our floaty cotton lawn is being put away for another year and being replaced by double jerseys and wool blends. A new exciting sewing chapter! I thought a super easy tutorial would give us a break from all the festive hubub an give us time ourselves. Allow me to introduce, the Simple Chic Poncho!
Here I used 2 m Grey Frayed Design Jacquard Wool Fabric (only £3.99!) We have it in Brown, too, but you could use any wool or wool blend fabricfleececoat weight fabrics, or double jersey
I used 2 metres as my fabric was 60" wide. For a 45" wide fabric, you could use 1.5 m
I also chose to embrace he frayed nature of the fabric and keep my edges raw, finishing the edges with a zig zag stitch. You can (of course) use full seams and hems for the pockets and edges if you'd like a more polished look!
1. First we need to square off your fabric. Lay it out and take the top corner over to the opposite side and align the edges, like below
2. Take your remaining top corner down to the other edge where the fabric starts to fold and line up the bottom edges
3. Cut off the excess and put to one side.
4. Find the main centre fold of your fabric samosa and cut (through one layer of fabric only!) from the bottom up to the centre of your fabric. you should have a single layer with a raw edge, then a folded double layer, then a single layer fabric with a raw edge.
when you lay it out it should look like this!
5. Using the excess you cut off earlier, cut the shape of pocket you want and place them on your poncho (for this I put the poncho on and worked out where my hands naturally rested). I used a straight stitch all around the pocket except the open, where I sealed the edge with a zig zag stitch
6. To finish with a shabby chic look, zig-zag stitch around the outer edges to stop excessive fraying. Or, you can hem these properly ;)
Tah-Dah! There we go. Easy as that! And super quick, too. Look me a mere morning to make and photograph.
Can be worn open...
or slung over you shoulder!
Or you can fly with it. Obviously.
I made my partner a Square version of this using the same method, just orientating to a square instead of a diamond. If he ever lets me take a photo of him in it I'll show you all! 
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