Sewing your own gifts is always a lovely touch and an apron would be perfect for any budding baker you know. Simplicity Sewing Pattern 3949 provides 3 styles in adult & child size so you can have matching outfits in the kitchen. View A & B have a vintage inspired feminine look where as view C has a more streamline modern look that I think would work great for male members of the family to wear too! 

For this tutorial I have chosen to do view A in this fantastic Spot Cotton Poplin Fabric. It has a lovely crispness that helps get nice neat edges & has some moisture resistant, perfect if you splash cake mixture around like me. Plus the spots are perfect for lining up your pattern pieces!

There are 6 pattern pieces for this view & don't forget to cut out the pocket piece twice as you need 4 fabric pieces. Sewing starts with theses pockets. Place 2 pieces, right sides together, and start stitching from the bottom edge all the way around just leaving a small opening. The seam can then be trimmed to remove bulk, corners cut & curves clipped. Be careful when clipping or trimming corners that you don't cut into the seamline. Now turn through the opening, make good sure the corners and curves are fully pushed out (I use a rounded chunky knitting needle to gently push into hard to reach places!) then press. 


These are now ready to place onto the skirt. I have transferred the markings for the pocket position using tailor tacks, a large loop of thread sewn loosely through all layers. When you pull fabric apart & snip thread you will have a small amount of thread attached to both sides. The spots look great if you can line them up accurately! Now stitch close to edge, making sure the top edges are secure.


Hem the bottom of the skirt and the side edges then run two rows of long straight stitches along the top edge between notches. Pull up these stitches to gather the skirt to fit the waistband. I pin gathers neatly spaced then machine slowly & carefully over the pins but you could tack in place instead.


After stitching, turning & pressing the neck straps pin them onto bib matching dots. Secure in place then place bib sections right sides together & stitch leaving straight edge open. Be careful not to catch loose end of straps in your seam, I folded & pinned in centre to keep out of the way! 


The bib can the be trimmed, turned & pressed before top stitching. The bib is then ready to attach to waistband. Press both seam allowances towards centre. 


Finally it's time to add waist ties. Pin them to the end of the waistband, matching dots, fold waistband over to enclose & stitch through all layers. When you turn waistband back over & press the ends are neatly enclosed. The opening then needs to be slip stitched. 


The finishing touch is to top stitch the waistband where it sits over bib. 

This simple shape of this apron is great for a beginner to practice achieving a neat finish and would be great to customise for that unique pressie... I'm thinking maybe an appliqué cupcake pocket :-)
Thanks for reading!
Nicky @ SewandSnip