Skill Level 2/5
Time to make - 2-3 hrs
Length - 58"
Fabric Requirements
- 1/2 yd (45cm) Featured Fabric - Marvel Spider Man Dots Poplin Quilting Fabric - Grey

- 1/2 yard (0.45 m) Satin (58” wide) Minerva Recommends - 60" wide Liquid Satin Dress Fabric

- 1/2 yard (.045 m)of fusible interfacing (44” wide) Minerva Recommends 1 m Iron On Medium Interfacing 

Additional supplies 
- your template
- a few inches of polyester ribbon
 - paper printer 
- lighter or match  
 - sewing machine 
 - needle & coordinating thread 
1. Print the Necktie Template at actual size. Trim the pages along the marked borders and tape the pieces together according to the lettered triangles. Cut out the pattern pieces. 
2. Trace the template onto the Wrong Side of your quilting cotton. Pin the cotton to the satin, Wrong Sides together, and cut out the pieces for your tie in both fabrics. 
3. Place your cotton tie pieces on your pressing surface, Wrong Sides up, and cover them with the fusing, glue side down. Iron well to bond the two fabrics, peel them off the pressing surface and cut the fusing flush with the edges of the cotton pieces.
1. Assemble the matching tie pieces, cotton to cotton and satin to satin, Right Sides together with a 3/8” seam. Sew the individual pieces together along Seams #1 & #2 as indicated on the pattern template. Press the seams open, using gentle heat on the satin. 
2. Sew the satin tie to the cotton tie, Right Sides together with a 1/2” seam, leaving a gap as indicated on the pattern template. Clip your corners and press the seams open. 
3. Turn the tie right side out and whipstitch the gap closed by hand. 
4. Fold the long sides of your tie toward the center, satin sides facing, so that they overlap slightly at the wider end as shown. Press the fold lines.
5. Cut a 2 1/2” piece from your ribbon and melt the ends with a lighter or match flame. Whipstitch the short ends of the ribbon to the center back of your tie, about 14” from its wider end. 
6. Hand-tack the long edges of the tie together about 5” from the wider end.