Skill: 3/5
Time to Make: Day Project
Finished Size: 11" x 7" x 7" (28 x 18 x 18 cm)
Fabric Requirements:
Base and Poll: 1/3 yd (0.90 m) Theodore & Izzy Collection Cotton Quilting Fabric White Izzy the Bee -available in Pink and White
Large Ring: 1 Fat Quarter Theodore & Izzy Collection Cotton Quilting Fabric Theodore the Bear - available in WhitePink, and Grey
Medium Rings: 1 Fat Quarter Theodore & Izzy Collection Cotton Quilting Fabric White Izzy the Bee -available in Pink and White
Small Rings: 1 Fat QuarterTheodore & Izzy Collection Cotton Quilting Fabric Ditsy Floral - available in MultiTurquoise, and Grey
You'll also need:
- Your Template
- fiber stuffing 
- small bag of dry rice, beans or other loose grains. We used flax seeds.
- sewing machine & thread 
- Please wash, dry & iron your cotton before beginning. 
- Unless otherwise noted, sew all seams with a 1/4” seam allowance.
1. Print the “Izzy’s Beehive” Ring Stacking Toy Template (pp 4-10) at 100% of actual size. Cut out the pieces and tape the two halves of the Large Ring together. 
2. Trace the tempate pieces onto the Wrong Sides of your quilting cottons. Be sure to trace each Ring piece twice onto double-layers of fabric as indicated on the template, for a total of (4) Small & Medium Ring pieces and (2) Large ring pieces. The shaded circles at the centers of the Ring and Base Top pieces should be cut out and discarded. 
Sewing the Base 
1. Sew the two Base pieces, Right Sides together, around their perimeter. Clip your corners and press this seam open. Turn the Base Right Side out through the hole in the Base Top and fill a quarter full with the loose grain. Stuff the remaining space tightly with fiber stuffing. 
2. Sew the long edges of the Pole, Right Sides together, and press the seam open. 
3. Hand-stitch the Pole Cap to the top end of the Pole. Turn the Pole Right Side out and stuff firmly with fiber stuffing. 
4. Set the bottom of the Pole into the hole in the Base and stitch it in place by hand.
Sewing the Rings 
1. Pin each pair of Rings together, Right Sides facing. Cut a line from the outer perimeter of each Ring to its inner edge as shown.
2. Sew each pair of Rings together around their inner & outer circumferences, beginning and ending as shown at the line you cut in step 1. 
Backstitch at both ends of each seam.
3. Clip the seam allowance on the inner seam of each Ring and press the outer seams open. Turn and press a 1/4” hem at each open end. 
4. Turn the Rings Right Sides out and stuff them well, being sure that the fiber stuffing is distributed throughout their lengths. Stitch the ends closed by hand.