Skill Level: 2/5
Time to Make: 1-2 hours
Size: 36" x 6" x 6" (92 x 15 x 15 cm) to fit standard yoga mat
Fabric Requirements
1/8 yd (0.12 m) 44" Cotton Fusible Interfacing - Minerva Recommends 0.5m Cotton Fusible Traditional Interfacing
- sewing machine (zipper foot helpful) 
1. Please wash, dry & iron your cotton before beginning, and trim the selvages. 
2. Unless otherwise indicated, use a 1/2” seam allowance throughout. 
3. Backstitch at the beginning & end of each seam. 
4. RST = Right Sides Together 
5. WOF = Width of Fabric.
Cut (2) 10” x WOF strips 
- sub-cut (2) 10” x 36” rectangles (Body) and (2) 10” x 4” rectangles (Loops)
1. Place the Strap piece and both Loop pieces on your ironing board, Right Sides down, and cover them with the fusible interfacing, glue side down. Press well to bond the layers, and peel them away from the ironing board. Trim off the excess interfacing. 
2. Fold each Body piece in half lengthwise, and then widthwise, RST.
3. Making sure not to cut through any folded edges, measure & cut through all (4) layers as shown. The dashed lines indicate the folded edges in each diagram.
4. Edge-stitch around the perimeter of each Body piece with a zig-zag stitch, to protect the edges from fraying & wear.
1. Fold each Loop piece in half lengthwise, RST and sew the (2) long edges together. Press this seam open, and baste (1) short end closed. 
2. Turn the Loops Right Side out by pushing the closed ends through the tubes with a large knitting needle/piece of dowel. Remove the basting stitches, and press the Loops flat, with the seams centered on one side - this is the inside of the Loops. 
3. If your strap has D-rings or rectangle rings at the ends, pass each Loop piece through one of the rings. If not, feed each Loop piece through one of your rectangular rings. Fold each Loop in half so that the inside faces (with the seams on them) are together, and baste the short ends together with a 1/4” seam allowance.
1. Place your zipper against (1) long edge of a Body piece, with the fabric’s Wrong side facing up and the zipper a couple of inches from (1) end of the Body’s edge. Mark the fabric to indicate the beginning & end of the zipper’s teeth. 
2. Sew the (2) Body pieces together, RST, above & below the marks you made in Step 1. Leave the space for the zipper open. 
3. Press the seam open, and press the unsewn edges of the gap open by the same amount.
4. Mount your zipper foot on the left-hand side of your sewing machine’s presser bar.  
5. With the Right Sides of your fabric & zipper facing up, pin the left-hand zipper tape to the left-hand side of the Body’s gap as shown. We show the gap slightly open here so you can see the zipper, but in your work the folded edge of the fabric should align with the center of the zipper’s teeth.
6. With the zipper partly open, sew the pinned edge of the Body to the zipper tape, about 1/4” to 3/8” from the folded edge. Essentially, the seam allowance needs to be large enough that you aren’t sewing over the zipper’s teeth, but small enough that it catches the 1/2” of fabric which you pressed open in Step 3. 
7. When you approach the zipper toggle, turn the hand-wheel to lower your needle into the fabric, lift your machine’s foot and slide the toggle out of the way, closing the zipper. Lower the foot and resume sewing to the end of the zipper tape. 
8. Mount your zipper foot on the right-hand side of the presser bar and sew the right-hand side of the zipper in the same manner as the left. 9. Sew back and forth 2-3 times across the top & bottom of the zipper, to secure the ends.
1. With the zipper open, sew the (2) Body pieces together, RST, along their remaining long edge and the (4) diagonal edges. 
2. Insert a Loop at either end as shown, and sew it in place across the short end. Note: if you’ve already attached the Loops to the strap, it’ll be on the inside of the yoga bag, linking the Loops. Be careful not to twist it! 
3. Turn the bag Right Side out through the open zipper. 
4. If your strap has clips at the ends, clip them to your rectangle rings and you’re done!